Seconde série de conférences GIFTED en Asie : du 5 au 17 novembre 2018


(Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Cambodge, Bali)

Nous sommes invités pour plusieurs conférences, pour  parler et témoigner sur les compétences spécifiques, intenses et denses des « Adultes surdoués dans les organisations » .


En co-animation avec :

Pierre STANGHELLINI, Founder & CEO HARi Lab (Hong Kong, Phom Penh, Bali). Digital data evangelist & CRM marketing solutions enthusiast. Conférencier.


« To sensibilise people about the importance of welcoming Gifted minds into the companies ( different and creative intelligence forms that are the atypical minds, the Asperger autistics and the gifted or genius) »

 Fabrice Micheau (Expert on Gifted adultes, international speaker (Europe, Afrique, Asie), vice-chairman of Mensa Nouvelle Aquitaine/France)

Pierre Stanghellini (founder, CEO of HARi crm, a Marketing Strategy and Business Development expert)


6.11 METTA Hong Kong, A members’ club for the entrepreneurial community to connect, share knowledge and bring ideas to life.

8.11 The French Chamber HK is one of the largest French Chambers in Asia-Pacific /

8.11 PIRATA group, GHC Asia and La French Tech./

9.11 SCAD Hong Kong — a creative revival in the Far East. The skyline of Hong Kong glitters in the South China Sea. /
Les photos ; 


13.11 HARIcrm Asie – Cambodge
Les photos :


14.11 Singapore Université /

16.11 Unique in the World: The Green School / Bali. Welcome to your first glimpse of Green School.


MENSA Singapore

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